Nop-Payments Plugin for Authorize.Net

Payment plugin for nopCommerce, implemented using Accept.js and Authorize.Net API.

This payment module is developed using Authorize.Net as a payment processor (

The plugin uses the primary currency of the shop, so make sure the currency is supported by Authorize.Net .

Operation Supported: Description
Authorize And Capture yes Authorize the payment and charge the customer at the same time
Authorize yes Authorize the payment and charge the customer at a later time
Capture yes Charge the customer
Void yes Void the payment (for authorized payments)
Refund (full) yes Refund the money to the customer.
Refund (partially) yes Refund a certain amount to the customer.
Recurring Payments no  

 HTTPS is required, otherwise the plugin will not work.

Respecting the PCI DSS requirements, this plugin does not send credit card details to your server. This plugin is implemented using Accept.js (library provided by Authorize.Net) - in this manner the payment form is hosted on your website - but the CC data is sent the Authorize.Net, and they send back a Nonce (Token) which is later sent to your servers.

The customer's blling and shipping addresses are transferred to Authorize.Net. 


1) Refund transactions can only be made after the original transaction has been settled (once every 24 hours) - otherwise you will get the following error when trying to refund: 

 The referenced transaction does not meet the criteria for issuing a credit.

2) Regarding the refund functionality, you need to activate the Transaction Details API, by logging in to your Authorize.Net Dashboard and go to: Account -> Transaction Details API -> enter your secret answer and click the Enabled button.

3) When testing in the Sandbox, do not enable Test mode (from Authorize.Net dashboard) - if Test mode is enabled, they do not return a Transaction ID, so you will not be able to test. When testing, always check the checkbox titled "Sandbox enabled" - otherwise the plugin will send transactions to the live environment 




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