Nop-Payments Plugin for Stripe

Payment plugin for nopCommerce 3.40, 3.60, 3.70, 3.80, 3.90 using Stripe API

This payment module is developed using Stripe as a payment processor (

The plugin uses the primary currency of the shop, so make sure the currency is supported by Stripe.

Operation Supported: Description
Authorize And Capture yes Authorize the payment and charge the customer at the same time
Authorize yes Authorize the payment and charge the customer at a later time
Capture yes Charge the customer
Void yes Void the payment (for authorized payments)
Refund (full) yes Refund the money to the customer.
Refund (partially) yes Refund a certain amount to the customer.
Recurring Payments yes Please read the notes below


The plugin is implemented using Stripe.js, so Stripe will automatically generate a prefilled SAQ-A form for you, which you can find in your Stripe Dashboard - link here: 

For more information related to security: 

The plugin is developed using Stripe.js

Supported nopCommerce version: 3.40, 3.50, 3.60, 3.70, 3.80, 3.90

This plugin was built in partnership with Paladin Cloudware

Recurring payments notes: 

1) when a recurring product is ordered form nopCommerce, a Plan entity is created in the Stripe system, with the same Id as the product. Hence this
Plan is created only the very first time that the product is ordered, the next times it will be re-used. You can indentify it in Stripe by the nopCommerce product id.
2) The created Plan has the recurring interval, number of cycles and the price of the product defined in nopCommerce
3) Should the plan's price, periodicity or number of cycles change, the admin has to change it in the Stripe Dashboard as well
4) for each order a Customer is created in Stripe, and for each recurring product of that order, a Subscription ( in Stripe ) is created for the
Plan corresponding to the recurring product.
--> recurring products in nopCommerce should not be allowed to be ordered in qty greater than 1, because if a customer orders 2 or more of the same
Membership product, for example, in the Stripe system they will only have ONE subscription to ONE Plan (the plan corresponding to the ordered product)
5) the Stripe CustomerId is saved in the SubscriptionTransactionId field, which can be seen on the order detail page in the Admin. This ID can later
be used to remove the customer from the Stripe system, along with its subscriptions
6) when the order is cancelled in the nopCommerce order page, all the Subscriptions attributed to that Customer are cancelled
7) please note that the Customer entity is created for each order. So even if the same person makes two orders on your website, with the same
Contact details, and with the same payment details, they will have multiple Customers and Subscriptions in the Stripe system.


The Stripe plugin, starting nopCommerce 3.70, now supports AVS verification - the customer's full billing address is transfered to Stripe, for the AVS verification.


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